Introducing the
Silvertrac Sales Package

(2) Custom Report Brochures
Fully branded  report brochures you can use in your sales efforts for both commercial and residential sites.

(3) Branded Sales Videos
3 simple, professional, and targeted sales videos designed to grab a prospect's attention.

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(2) Custom Landing Pages
We design and brand a landing page to show off your video and report brochure to prospects. 

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The Cold Email eBook
This eBook includes 6 cold email templates you can use to prospect and set meetings with property managers. Just copy, paste, and send. 


Featured Bonus!
(5) One-on-One Coaching Calls

Companies that take advantage of this offer will also receive (5) one-on-one coaching calls with Chris Anderson, the co-founder of Silvertrac. 

These coaching calls will teach you the same techniques that have helped 1,000s of security companies over the past 25 years. Chris has extensive experience in every facet of a security company including, operations, sales, marketing, etc.

Package Highlights

Chris Anderson 
Co-Founder, Silvertrac Software

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secure more contracts quickly with customized marketing materials and our industry-leading software.

(20+) Stock Photos
Get over 20 stock photos of Silvertrac being used in tablets, computers, and phones. Great for social media or a technology page on the website.
Property Walk Questionnaires
Designed to help you identify all the challenges and opportunities facing a client in the residential or commercial industries.

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*Customizable options & monthly payment plans available.

$1500 - Includes all sales/marketing collateral, plus a 3-month Silvertrac subscription.

*customizable options & monthly payment plans available

$1500 - Includes all sales/marketing collateral,
 plus a 3-month Silvertrac subscription

Silvertrac is designed to help security operations run more efficiently. From guard tours and incident reports, to dispatching and client portals, Silvertrac has what you need to grow your security business.

The #1 Guard Management Software Used by 500+ Companies
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a monthly fee or is this a one-time cost? 
This offer is a one time fee for $1500. Companies may also choose to pay $500/month over 3-months instead of paying $1500 up front.
How long will it take to get my sales material? 
It will take 5-7 business days to get all your custom branded material produced. However, you'll get access to your Silvertrac account right away.
Can I make changes to the materials? 
We will make up to 3 rounds of revisions on the landing pages and report docs. The videos cannot be changed (aside from the logo at the start and finish). 

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