How Delta Protective Services
Replaced Deggy® Tools & Manual Reporting

Learn how one Northern California security company ditched paper DARs & guard tour tools for Silvertrac to win more contracts, hires better employees, and show higher ROI.

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"Silvertrac absolutely cares about, thinks about and produces good quality tools for security business owners to help them improve their business. They come from the industry...What’s important to Silvertrac is that their customers win "
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Become More Proactive Security

Silvertrac gave Delta Protective Services the confidence to tackle client concerns head-on and build longer-lasting relationships.  

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Say Goodbye to Deggy® Tools

Every great security business should have real-time officer visibility. Random post inspections & sliding DAR’s under clients' doors doesn't work. 

Clients expect full-time transparency from their security provider, and Silvertrac’s live GPS tracking & automated reporting features help companies like Delta achieve it.

No More Deggy Tools
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Reduce the System Clutter

No more pen and paper. No more misunderstandings around officer accountability. Less jumping between workforce systems. Better client communication... The world’s best security companies aren’t much different than you. They’re just better at automating repetitive tasks.

You don’t need to test every security software solution like Delta did to see why Silvertrac stands out above the rest.

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Silvertrac Software Testimonial

Lawrence Borgens, President,
Delta Protective Services, Inc.

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