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Make Pen & Paper Reporting A Thing of the Past.

Silvertrac Security Incident Reporting Software

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Run your Security team more efficiently!

Leave unreadable incident reports in the past. Our time-stamped DAR's can be filed from any mobile device directly from the field.

Our easy-to-use guard app interface allows officers to easily report incidents with photos, audio, and text notes, while making guard performance tracking simple.

Provide your customers with easy-to-read daily guard activity reports to maintain a high level of trust.

Eliminate Paper Reporting

Gain Officer Accountability 

Retain Contracts Longer

"We have solved a huge problem of storing paper reports. We don't use them anymore! Also, our clients seem much more confident that we are on site and doing our patrols. We are better able to police our employees. We are able to provide instant feedback and correction to our people."

- Richard McCarthy, Operations Manager, Actual Security, Inc.

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