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We've used the Account Turnaround Framework for the past 6-months and seen our retention rates improve by 43%. 

Andrew French
CEO, Founder

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A Free 1-Hour Training on Customer Retention for Security Guard Companies

Stop Losing Accounts 

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard to win a new account only to lose another. Data shows that most security companies struggle to retain and grow their accounts.  

But nailing customer retention is when true, bottom line growth really happens...

Gain the traction you need to grow your security company.  We'll take you step-by-step through the The Account Turnaround Framework™, the easy process that has saved thousands of security contracts from canceling.   
Get the tools you need to truly succeed and be appreciated for the work you do.    

About the Training

The Account Turnaround Framework (ATF) is a strategy developed over the past 25 years to help contract security companies simplify customer retention. 

This 1-hour training covers the details involved in each step and uses real life examples so you can see how other companies have used this process. 

This training includes an easy worksheet to help you develop a plan to put the ATF to work for your business.

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What Most Businesses Do Is..

Most security companies spend tons of time and money trying to win new accounts. But inevitably the phone rings with an unhappy customer on the other side and you go from sales mode, to panic mode. It could be:

- Officers failing to show up, sleeping on site, or worse.. 

- Poorly written reports, no reports, or reports that make your company look bad

- Complaints about your rate.. or customers

And this happens day after day... fire after fire. 

That's the nature of the security industry. And that leaves you spinning your wheels.

But Imagine If..

1. Imagine having an use an easy, repeatable process to proactively manage your accounts and WOW your customers. 

2. Imagine what it will be like to have word of mouth referrals as your biggest source for new business. 

3. Imagine having the phone ring with happy customers on the other side, thanking you for going the extra mile. 

4. Imagine what it will be like to have clients that have been with you for 3, 5, or even 10 years.. 

That's what this free training is going to teach you. All of this can be a reality for your business, like it is for the 100s of companies we've already helped.