Simple Security Guard Management Software.

Silvertrac is a guard management and reporting solution that allows users to complete shift reports, report incidents, complete guard tours, and more — Easily.

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Prove Your Worth, Retain Your Clients.

Silvertrac's security guard management software will give you the tools to discover an underperforming officer before your client does. Which means better retention and faster growth.
Find out what more than 300 security operations are using to better manage their operation and gain a competitive edge. 

Your Security Team... Optimized.


Detailed Reports

View detailed reports including daily activity reports, incident reports, and summary reports.

View Performance

View guard performance metrics so you can be sure that every job is getting done the right way.
Save your customer time and money which help you win more contracts and retain more customers. 

Save Time & Money

Create incident reports using notes, talk-to-text, photos, and audio files.


  • GPS & real-time reporting ensure immediate, on-site accountability. 
  • Get instant alerts of critical issues for fast response. 
  • Publish and send custom reports of incidents and employee performance. 
  • Customize tasks by site and give notes by location. 
  • Watch your crew learn while doing with in-app walkthroughs. 
  • Use your dedicated customer success agent to help you reach your goals.

Security Guard Management in Real-Time.

Entries are automatically color coded and easy to create. Your customers will love them.

Daily Activity Reports

Setup patrols, instruct officers step-by-step, and know what's being missed, as it's happening. 

Guard Tours

Complete detailed post inspections, track vehicle mileage and gas logs, and track supervisor visits. 

Post Inspections & Vehicle Maintenance

Handle high call volume and coordinate your field operations from any internet-connected device.


From the basics, to advanced mangement. Stay informed with the tools you need. 

Parking Management

Right away the Silvertrac team pulls away from the rest and is in a class of their own, they do not simply provide Software as a Service. They are a partner in your business that genuinely wants to help you succeed in winning and retaining contracts. 

— Richard McCarthy

Operations Manager, Actual Security, Inc.
"Silvertrac is the most intuitive guard tour management and reporting tool I have used in 20+ yrs in the security industry."

— Ross Malsbery

Regional Manager, Citadel Security
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